Sept 27 Interview with Seth Godin

This 5-question interview features perspectives from two leading business bloggers. Entrepreneur and best-selling author of Permission Marketing and the October-release Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us, Seth Godin and Duct Tape Marketing blogger John Jantsch.

Read: You vs. The Economy: 5 Fresh Answers for Small Business From Seth Godin and John Jantsch on


Business Coaching Makes the Difference

Russell Clarke of Certified Renovations tells how working with an ActionCOACH for JUST NINE MONTHS expanded his team, decreased his worked load and improved his profits from $80,000/year to $420,000+ per year. He’s now gone from 60+ hours per week to a planned month off because his business is a profitable, commercial enterprise that works without him!

Why Most Businesses Fail

Deep video. Good points.

Advice for entrepreneurs

If life were a game, is mine worth playing?

80% of Small Business without a Business Plan will fail

Business help in Spanish? Ole!

This is interesting. ActionBLOG has started included posts on business help en Español. Are there many resources for Spanish-speaking business owners? Check it out:

If someone hasn’t laughed at your goals, they are NOT BIG ENOUGH …

Who could have imagined that Michael Phelps would have reached the heights he has in the Olympics thus far? Obviously, not me – I’m not sports buff by a mile. But this man’s drive and talent has made the whole world take notice. But, at want point did this go from a wish to a goal to a reality for him?

Further, at what point can the spirit of the Olympics carry over into the way everyday entrepreneurs, like you and I, live our lives? What does it take for someone to bring out their internal success champion for the world to see?

It’s not nearly as hokey as it sounds – it’s as real as everything else preached in “The Secret,” which brings me back to the quote at the title of this post.

Jack Canfield’s ,famous for “The Secret” as well as “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” shared the message that “If someone hasn’t laughed at your goals, they are NOT BIG ENOUGH … “ during a conference last week, as  blogged by multimillionaire entrepreneur Brad Sugars.

That got me thinking about all the things times we, as entrepreneurs (or even future entrepreneurs) get laughed at for our ambitions. Rather than a source of frustration, perhaps discouragement can be a source of motivation to get educated to make the dreams into successful realities.

Otherwise, how else am I going to retire at 30?

Be x Do = Have: The Formula For Success is a series of YouTube videos I wanted to share that address this concept perfectly. Take Phelps – he had to BE, on an internal level, the Olympic champion the world now sees before he could DO what it would take to HAVE what he wanted.

Are there any entrepreneurs applying these principles to get what they want? Are there any solo-starters overcoming laughter, right now?

Let me know …